Elite Level Baseball Programs 
Professional Instruction

Our Mission

The Colorado Instructional League staff is committed to giving back to the game what it gave us....the opportunity to get an education through playing the game, then earn a living playing or teaching the game.
Instructional League Offerings

  • High End Instruction
  • College Placement
  • Exposure to scouts and schools
  • High End Competition
  • NCAA/NCJAA Experienced Coaches
  • Professional Scout Exposure
  • Premier Showcase Events in Colorado...for 23 Years!
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can I ask about the recruiting process?  Colorado Instructional League staff has experience in recruiting circles having taken and passed the NCAA recruiting exam
How can I be seen by the colleges?  Colorado Instructional League teams play in front of college recruiters at 5-6 NCAA Division I sites each fall
Can the Instructional League help me get a scholarship?  CIL staff has experience as professional scouts and recruiters who will let players know what colleges and pro standards are, then help you improve to reach those levels of play
What are pro scouts and colleges looking for in players?  CIL staff explains the grading scale the pro’s use and teach how to show better in tryout camps and exposure events in front of pro scouts and college recruiters...part of the prospect camps offered
Why should I play for the Instructional League?
            Exposure:  Colorado Instructional League teams play at high exposure sites...both NCAA and MLB
            Instruction:  Staff has played and coached at the high school, college and pro levels...other programs do not have this but lead you to believe otherwise.  Check staff credentials...
            One of a kind program offerings:
                  Pro-Showcase Weekend in January...over 20 years of promoting Colorado HS players
                  Summer Prospect Camp...pro tryout camp with numerous MLB teams/written evaluations
                  Fall Scout Teams...5-6 NCAA Division I exposure events...MLB showcase in Phoenix
                  College Placement services...included in all programs...NO EXTRA/HIDDEN COST
                              Instruction...EXPERIENCED/CREDENTIALED instructors with proven success rate
                              Commitment to players not money making...