"Friends of Colorado Instructional League are everywhere!"

Mr. Gregory and Mr. Bleser,
I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You! The Pro-Baseball showcase I attended in January was a great event.  The professional atmosphere, along with the large turnout of scouts, is a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication that goes in to this event.  Having the opportunity to be accurately evaluated against the top players in the state is truly a privilege.  I signed to play baseball at the University of New Mexico and feel confident this event will help me as I continue my baseball career.  Since the event I have been contacted by more than a dozen professional scouts!
Thank You,
Cory Voss

Playing for Denver Instructional was a great opportunity for me to play in front of college scouts every time I pitched. I would highly recommend any guy who was serious about playing college baseball to play here.  Coach Bleser and coach Bales were always talking to college coaches and scouts on our whole teams behalf. They always had our interests in front of theirs. 

Justin Seiwald
Standley Lake HS
Central Arizona College signee


The Pro-Showcase Weekend allows both the opportunity to be seen by some of the most respected college

programs and by all Major League Baseball clubs. This was the first showcase that I attended and after the

many that I have gone to throughout my high school career I still find that this a very professional and

accurate way of being seen by both collegiate and Major League scouts. This showcase gives the kids from

Colorado, who have a disadvantage in the sport of baseball, the chance to be evaluated at the same level as

players from warm-weather states.

I was very impressed with the amount of college recruiters and scouts in attendance, totaling over 60 last

year. I have also found that the instructional sessions of what scouts look for have greatly helped me to

understand what I needed to do to receive a college scholarship and understand what is needed for the

opportunity of getting drafted. When getting recruited by colleges it is very hard to know what to expect and

when to expect it.

The College Placement Seminar really informed me and my family of what was to come in the next years and

even months. The most important thing to me about this showcase is the fact that it allows the chance to be

seen in front of both college recruiters and professional scouts before the season starts. It can give those kids

who have not had that exposure a chance of doing well and having colleges and scouts follow you throughout

your spring season.

Kevin Gausman

Baltimore Orioles

I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You!  Without each of you, Matt’s climb into Division 1 baseball at Northern CO would have been much tougher, if not impossible.  You did so much to help him get ready for moving on to that next level, and we so appreciate it!   He was given the opportunity of a life time this weekend, as the only true freshman on the team, and made the most of it!  Pitching  5 innings against Texas Tech on their turf, in front of 300 of their fans, with cameras and radar guns pointed at him and was overwhelmingly  successful!  While the team may have lost the game to Texas Tech, Matt one every bit of his 5 innings pitched. 
Thank you for raising Matt up and pushing him along!  I think we have a lot to look forward to this season!  Check the schedule on the website, too … we’d love to see you at a game! 

Caroline Loutzenhiser
Parent of Matt Loutzenhiser - University of Northern Colorado - LHP

As a senior last year, I was blessed to have the best hitting coach not only in Colorado, but the nation.  I truly believe the instruction I received from Al Bleser not only at TJ but through the summer and fall was the best.  My personal recommendation is to play for Al and let him show your son the way.  The best feeling I ever had was being at the top because of Al's instruction where I led the state in homeruns, RBI's and batting average.
I've played with the best players in Colorado on Al's team and every senior on those teams is playing college baseball.

Evan Walter
Thomas Jefferson/2012

Mason Reinick finished with a great season at Roosevelt High School and again want to thank you allowing him to play last fall.  What a great experience that allowed him to elevate his level of play. Mason took his velocity from the low 80's to the high 80's and averaged 11 K's per game, over 5 Wins and 2 Saves.

Thanks again, appreciate your help.

Royce Reinick
Parent of Mason Reinick 

"Your kids are fortunate to have quality coaches with professional experience.  The exposure for college recruitment is great!  It's good to have friends on your staff."

Juan Pierre
Florida Marlins
World Champions 2003
Rockies, Cubs, Dodgers, White Sox

"Your showcases and programs have what we look for....quality young men to help lead our program to the next level."

Chris Moddelmog
Ouachita Baptist

"The Denver Instructional League run by Al Bleser has always had an outstanding reputation for developing and placing talent in the state of Colorado.  I have used them for over 15 years in my recruiting process.  Over the years, numerous DIL players have attended Lamar Community College as well as all of the top junior college programs in the state.  As a high school baseball player looking for top instruction and assistance in the placement process.  I whole heartedly recommend the Denver Instructional League."

Scott Crampton
Head Baseball Coach
Lamar Community College

"The Instructional League provides a tremendous opportunity for high school players in the state of Colorado to gain college and professional exposure through the showcases and programs they offer.  The professionalism involved makes it a great experience for the player, coaches and scouts.  Opportunities like this are a privilege, not a right, and only the players that exemplify class are selected to these events.  This is comforting, as those are the types of players we want here at Northeastern.  We have already signed a player from this years showcase, and have made contacts with several others.  We look forward to this event every year to evaluate quality players."

Bryan Shepherd
Head Baseball Coach
Northeastern Junior College

"Al Bleser and the Instructional League coaches do a great job of developing and placing talent.  We appreciate their passion for baseball in Colorado and for the game in general.  Thanks for all your efforts."

Rob Pegg
Head Baseball Coach
Colorado Christian University

"Thanks for all you have done for me...recruiting assistance and calls to schools."

Ryan Forest
Regis HS, Creighton University 2006, University of Maine 2008

"We appreciate your efforts to keep us in mind for recruiting opportunities for Colorado players.  We are interested in several kids from your program each year and look forward to working with you again and keeping us up to date."

Mitch Thompson
Assistant Coach
Baylor University

"Your showcases were a great opportunity to be seen and recruited by college programs."

Chad Steiner
Arapahoe HS, Lamar CC
San Diego Padres (2005 draft)

"Our showcase kids are solid candidates for college recruitment.  It's an important tool for us to use to bring in players like Jesse Crain of Fairview (Texas alum, Twins and White Sox)."

Tommy Harmon
Assistant Coach
University of Texas

"There are always several players that I am interested in recruiting annually from your showcases.  Your instruction and dedication to the sport is outstanding."

Galen McSpadden
Head Baseball Coach
Seward County CC

"Your program has tremendous recruiting benefit for us.  We signed Kenny Anderson from Rangeview and Matt Bikus from Fairview out of your showcases in the late 1990's."

Gary Anderson
Assistant Coach
Oregon State University/University of Kentucky

"I appreciate the time and effort you put into all of your teams and showcase events.  I look forward to coming to your great state and recruiting your players in the future.  Your events are always very professional, organized and well run.  I appreciate the timely replies whenever I may need something.  I currently have three scholarship players from Colorado on my roster for the upcoming season and two of them project into my conference rotation.  Keep up the good work, you should know that the baseball community in Colorado is lucky to have a person like you and your organization promoting their student athletes to continue in the great game while getting a post secondary education.  Thanks again and keep in touch."

Cam Walker
Head Baseball Coach
Indian Hill CC (Iowa)

"We enjoyed the showcase...what an experience!  Wish we could have known about this 2 years ago!!  He had a great catcher paired with him.  Thanks."

Kyle and Sandra Rowe
Grand Junction HS

"Just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity for Corey to throw this past Saturday in the showcase.  He had a great experience and felt very comfortable among his peers...in other words, he felt he belonged.  I was very impressed with the organization of the event.  Thanks again, and he is looking forward to next year and modifying his preparation for the event."

Gordy Nevers
Corey Nevers/Arapahoe HS

"Your showcase held in Ft. Collins was a beneficial experience for the HS players and junior college players as well.  The night ran smooth and quickly, and was an enjoyable experience.  At the end of the night I felt I had made a good impression on all the professional scouts that were present.  Scouts from the Rangers, Cardinals, Tigers and the Yankees to list a few.  The atmosphere was great and there is no exposure like this anywhere else in Colorado.  I'm thankful to have been included."

Hans Ask
Trinidad State JC

"I thought the showcase was a great way to get your name out there to college and pro scouts.  It was very organized, and if you think you can play at the next level, I definitely recommend going to this event.  The scouts are up close and personal and are able to see mechanics and even give you some pointers.  It's a great experience!"

Ben Netzel
Northeastern JC